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Helpful guides to explore many processes of a real estate transaction

Explore the flow of the deal.  What happens and how; what are the process stages and expected outcomes.  Typical timelines, possible nuances, potential issues and solutions.  

Mortgage Pre-Approval Process

Scheduling a meeting. How to choose a loan officer, what paperwork to bring and what questions to ask.

Learn more about getting pre-approved

Selling Process

What to expect at our first meeting. What happens from the time the home is listed to the time you move out.

Learn more about the selling process

Buying Process

What to do before you start looking for a home; how to schedule appointments for a tour. What happens when you finally find a home.

Learn more about the buying process

Home Inspection Process

Types of home inspections, who to call and how they are typically done. What to expect as a buyer and a seller.

Learn more about home inspections

Closing Process

What happens during the closing process. What are the costs and what happens at the signing of documents.

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A rich collection of most commonly used real estate terms. Definitions and helpful observations.

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