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Investing in Cleveland Market

Seasoned investor? A newbie looking to start a real estate portfolio? You've come to the right place!

We have a tremendous amount of experience and success in advising our investor clients when buying and selling.  We will bring the project full circle from finding the property, to processing the sale with appropriate paperwork, to helping with design, and finally finding a tenant or selling the home. Our investor clientele ranges from income producing investors to those interested in buying and rejuvenating distressed properties.

We know what buyers want.  Having a large buyer base and hearing first-hand, honest feedback from daily showings gives us a unique and very valuable insight into what a buyer wants today.  Ask us for buyer insight – from what finishes to use to the most desirable color schemes.  With a background in home staging, we have an eye for what will make your property truly shine. Often minor, inexpensive improvements will return thousands in profit.

We know the basics.  We have been doing this for a long time.  We are familiar with desirable neighborhoods and nuances in buying and selling investment properties in local communities.

We know the language.  We have over a decade of experience.  We know the ins and outs of this business.  We understand what is involved in making a profit.  We understand ROIs (Rates of Return) and CAP (Capitalization) rates.  We understand that some properties are “buy and hold” and some properties are “flip” only.

We are fast. We understand time is money.  We provide accurate answers and meticulously completed necessary paperwork; we understand that incomplete contracts or slow response time can mean the difference between getting or not getting the house.

Whether this is your first investment property or your hundredth, let us help you reach your financial goals. We know what neighborhoods are solid investments, and can highlight excellent income producing areas.  We have seen what works and what doesn’t.  Let us share our knowledge with you!

“An investor will never tell…”

While we are too polite to ask our investors about their profits, here are some examples of what is possible.  These homes were in a variety of locations, needing different types of rehab – some paint and carpet, others kitchens, bathrooms, doors and others.

South Euclid

Bouht $38,600

Sold $132,000

Cleveland, Brookside/Old Brooklyn

Bought $54,900

Sold $129,900


Bought $39,900

Sold $92,500


Bought $55,000

Sold $135,000


Bought $65,200

Sold $190,000


Bought $82,000

Sold $196,500

Parma Heights

Bought $45,100

Sold $150,500

Cleveland Heights

Bought $78,000

Sold $205,000

Highland Heights

Bought $120,000

Sold $209,000

Highland Heights

Bought $131,000

Sold $235,000


Bought $65,000

Sold $185,000


Bought $44,900

Sold $112,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about our investor services

Do you have any 'good deals'?

We always do.  Please email us, or call/text your information to be included on our ‘investors’ list.  If we see a house with a large upside potential, we will email you as soon as it comes on the market.  Sometimes opportunities come on the market several times a week, sometimes once a month…  We never share your information and value  your privacy.

Once I find an investment property, what is that house worth when I sell it?

We are thrilled to provide a broker opinion on a particular investment property.  We can estimate a selling price for the finished product considering the level and number of updates.  We will also suggest necessary features for a particular price range – new windows, mechanical, as well as cosmetical updates like kitchen cabinetry.  We can also estimate a selling price for a very basic rehab as well as a luxurious remodel.  Every case is different and specific.

Rent vs Flip?

Both options have their benefits and drawbacks.  The answer to the question is very case specific.  In some instances a basic rehab with linoleum and touched up kitchen cabinetry will make sense when looking at rate of return.  In other instances, a more cosmetically appealing remodel will make sense for a ‘flip’.

I have never done a flip or owned a rental, would you be able to help me out?

Of course!  We can help with finding a property, talking about what type of rehab or a remodel is necessary and connect you with appropriate contractors to begin the process.  In the case of a rental, we are able to connect you with a reputable property maintenance company.

I heard I can get a really good deal with a bank owned house, can I make a low offer price.

One of the most common misconceptions is that banks negotiate steep discounts.  While different nuances arise that we can use towards our advantage to successfully negotiate a steep discount, in most cases, the banks have a clear formula and will only reduce their price by a certain amount. We can provide market statistics to show that in the vast majority of cases, banks come down by 3% -10% off of the asking price, depending on the condition of the home and the community.

We can certainly try, but our experience shows that banks are very systematic in their price reductions.


Lets get in touch and talk about what we can do for you.